Professional Referrals

 Professional Referrals 

ÆGIR Consulting provides advice to other professionals including security professionals, architects, lawyers, designers, realtors and other suppliers regarding liquor and cannabis licensing issues.

Your  licence is a valuable asset. ÆGIR Consulting will ensure that you do everything that is needed to keep your licence in good standing, as well as maximizing your licensing potential.

Did you know that the following may require assistance from our professional network?

  • A security plan is a requirement of a cannabis retail sales licence. 
  • Physical changes to your establishment such as an additional interior licensed area or  patio must be reported to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch.
  • Physical changes to your establishment may involve City permits and specialized assistance such as code consultants, architects or engineers.
  • Changes to your corporate structure such as shareholder changes must be reported to the Liquor Branch, and may require specialized legal assistance.
  • Buying a business will require a professional review of operations.
  • Operating a licensed establishment will require a standard operating manual as well as risk management and security plan.

We have an extensive network of professionals that can provide specialized services related to your licensed establishment.

Contact us today to discuss how our network of professionals can assist you.