Liquor Licence Applications

Liquor Licence Applications restaurant

ÆGIR Consulting will help you with all aspects of the liquor licence application process. If you are applying for a new licence or changing an existing  licence, ÆGIR Consulting will co-ordinate all of the aspects relating to this project. This will include meeting with you to talk about the application, reviewing your current or proposed location, conducting a site assessment and determining the criteria needed to obtain a successful outcome.

Applying for, maintaining and changing liquor licenses is a complex process. It often involves both the local and Provincial governments and your application may require community consultation and approval from local government.

In British Columbia, the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch of B.C. (LCLB) assesses and reviews all liquor licence applications. This includes licences for Restaurants (Food Primary licences), Bars (Liquor Primary Licences), Wineries, Distilleries and Breweries (Manufactuer Licences) and Liquor Stores (Licensee Retail Store Licences).

The Liquor Distribution Branch of B.C. regulates the distribution of liquor in the province, as well as commenting on some applications.

ÆGIR Consulting will manage each of these processes for you so you don’t have to worry about it. We have countless years of experience working with the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch as well as both local and Provincial governments. We can assist you with any of the following:

  • New licence application

  • Transfer of liquor licence

  • Corporate restructuring

  • Temporary Change Application

  • Structural Change Application

  • Permanent Change of Hours

  • Additional entertainment including dancing and karaoke


 Contact ÆGIR Consulting today for your free consultation so we can show you how we will make the process stress-free.