Compliance and Enforcement Issues

We work with our clients to provide them with a comprehensive package to provide them with a defense of due diligence should there be contraventions of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act. We use our experience working for the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch to assist you and your staff with complying with the many policies and regulations that govern the sale and service of liquor in British Columbia.

Did you know?

  • The government employes minors to test the compliance of licensed establishments
  • The minimum fine for a first offense is $7500
  • Liquor Inspectors and Police officers monitor all licensed establishments and conduct unannounced and often covert inspections of establishments for issues of over service, overcrowding, service to minors and other public safety issues.
  • Fines and suspensions are usually recommended for first offenses of these types

Your liquor licence is a valuable asset.  A suspension or monetary fine will not only impact your business and employees, it may impact the value of the asset in the future.

We can prepare you and your staff to address potential issues before they occur. Prevention and training will assist with a defense of due diligence in case something occurs. We work with you to prepare a specialized operations manual, and perform management training so you are protected should an incident occur.

In the unfortunate event that a contravention does occur, ÆGIR Consulting can perform an incident review and provide you with options to address the issue.  We work with specialized legal counsel who can ensure that you are well represented should enforcement proceedings take place.

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